Afterglow Cosmetics Mineral Makeup Review

Mineral cosmetics are a healthy alternative to artificial skin-damaging makeup. Afterglow cosmetics are no exception. This company’s mission is to create fashionable mineral makeup free of damaging petrochemicals and using only natural, organic ingredients. Of course, this is the very definition of a mineral-based cosmetic, so an Afterglow cosmetics review should be focused on what sets the brand apart from competitors.

After studying many an afterglow makeup review, it became clear that founder Kristin Adams was the driving force behind her company. Kristin’s personal mission was to find products that did not aggravate her sensitive skin. She searched for makeup lines that were free of ingredients such as bismuth-oxychloride, but found nothing adequate. The search drove her to start her own line, and the result is a high quality brand of natural cosmetics. The Afterglow makeup company made its official debut in 2004. Their mission statement is simple; provide the best fashionable natural cosmetics using only organic bioactive minerals for longer lasting, better looking performance.

How well are they living up to their motto? We went to the consumers to find out what they have to say. We looked at three of Afterglow’s top selling products, Organic Mineral Foundation, Organic Triple Eye Treatment and Lip Love Lipstick, and compared user reviews.

Afterglow mineral foundation is competitively priced and comes in twenty shades. It is described as a light powder which covers well and gives skin a luminous glow. Like all AG products, it is made with certified botanicals. The average consumer rating gives the foundation excellent reviews based on the ease of application and removal, and value for cost.

In more specific terms, reviewers found this product easy to put on and take off, but also loved how it stayed in place all day. The Afterglow Organic Mineral Foundation actually does feel light and silky, providing even coverage, according to the majority of users. For some it provided an added bonus; clearing up acne and controlling breakouts. Be sure to test the product with low cost samples first, however, and read the Afterglow return policy before buying. For women who have been burdened with an unnatural glow from other products, the AG foundation, which contains no bismuth oxide, provides a natural, healthy glow. Overall, this mineral foundation delivers the quality and look it promises, and is worth the higher-end price tag.

For the right skin, the Organic Triple Eye Treatment provides excellent coverage in a creamy formula. This eye makeup conceals dark circles under the eyes, tightens up puffy spots and acts as an anti-aging cream as well. Also made of natural botanicals, the triple eye treatment from Afterglow is a gluten free, non comodogenic makeup, and is not made with bismuth oxide or petrochemicals. Four shades are available; meringue, toffee, praline and shortcake.

As an under-eye concealer, the triple eye cream goes on smooth without caking. But it still provides thorough coverage, making the eyes look brighter and refreshed. This natural beauty enhancer is one of the most popular Afterglow products, and the tasty color names certainly help. Meringue is designed for lighter skin, Praline for medium skin tones, Toffee for medium/dark skin and Shortcake for light to medium skin. The ingredients in this eye concealer; jojoba, coconut oils and white tea, to name a few, can help prevent skin problems in the future as well.

Instead of using light-reflecting particles for sun protection, which usually contain potential skin irritants, Triple Eye Treatment contains titanium dioxide, a safe alternative. The use of titanium dioxide and other iron oxides, provides thorough coverage and act as an effective sunscreen. So as far as eye concealers go, this one really does provide three benefits in a single container.

The Afterglow ‘Lip Love’ blends are rich with natural pigments and as with all AG products, contain only organic ingredients which soothe the delicate skin of the lips. True to the mission statement, this lipstick nourishes and conditions while it enhances and highlights. Lip Love is available in nineteen different shades with thoughtful names like ‘Muse’, (a pinkish-peach shimmer,) and ‘Moxie’, (a medium shade brown with a touch of copper shimmer.) User reviews are unanimous in their praise for this smooth, moisturizing lipstick with rich color. The only complaint seems to be the higher price, but perhaps it is not too much to pay for luscious and beautiful lips. With shades from berry colored ‘Mystic’ to wine stain red ‘Merlot’ the only question is how many different colors to buy.

Afterglow cosmetics may be young in the industry, but they already have tons of loyal fans, even attracting celebrities like Kim Kardashian. Some of their other popular organic favorites include the Pure Soul mascara, mineral eye shadow (which is made in over twenty five shades,) and ‘Hydra Gloss’ which nourishes and moisturizes lips. The Afterglow mineral makeup line was made for sensitive skin, but has become a better alternative to harmful ingredients. If anything, Afterglow make up cosmetics heal and nourish the face, eyes and lips. True to their mission of providing the best natural products, they disclose all ingredients in every product sold, and anything labeled organic has the USDA seal of approval.

Choosing healthy, nourishing ingredients in a cosmetic line over harmful chemicals and additives? Telling their consumers everything they put into a product? Let us hope we get to see this level of honesty from many more companies in the future.

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1 Frustrated November 22, 2011 at 11:43

If Kristin Adams had such sensitive skin, I wonder if she ever returned anything she didn't like or that made her break out? I had the Triple Eye Treatment and tried to return it. The concealer really caused havoc in my eye area. It was way too thick and clogged and irritated my skin around the eyes. I wrote them and they sent me a return form. So, I returned the product with the return form and asked for an exchange.

A month later and there was no response. I called, emailed, tried the chat online… and nothing. Then finally the online worked. They told me they threw the product away – so there was no sending it back and since I don't know who purchased it originally, they couldn't exchange it. So, I'm just out. This item was purchased at a fundraiser auction. I've never had this problem before.

I will never buy or accept any of their products again. I will be sure to tell all my friends to never buy their products again. I can go to a store if I spend a lot of money for one product, I expect the company to stand behind their product. I found out they charge $30 for this product. I really doubt it costs $30. Plus, the customer service rep basically called me a liar. So no product to send back to me, since I don't have proof of buying it from them. They just threw it out.

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