Apple and Plant Stem Cell Therapy Cream Reviews: Phytocelltec vs Stemcellin vs BioLogic

Stem cell beauty products are one of the newest types of skin care solutions to hit the shelves, and users are revealing how well plant stem cells can really work for moisturizing, curing blemishes, and reducing wrinkles. But before buying this product, many people want to understand what, if anything, makes it any better than other type of anti aging skin care products.

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Aging occurs because skin cells die quicker than they can replace themselves which creates wrinkles and blemishes over time. Plant stem cells on the other hand can self-renew themselves in order to keep the proper cell count and also keep the plant alive even in harsh and damaging conditions. Stem cell antiaging cream is supposed to reverse the aging effect because the plant stem cells act just as human skin cells do for replenishing the skin except they replenish quicker than human facial stem cells to help avoid wrinkles.

Much research has been done on stem cell treatment and the benefits of it are continuing to grow. Stem cell face cream may be used not only as a beauty product for erasing wrinkles and avoiding future ones, but can also help burn victims heal better and quicker. Most of the best stem cell creams surprisingly derive from apples. Research in Switzerland proves the liquid extracted from special apples, not those genetically altered to taste sweet and be easy to farm, have excellent benefits.

Apple stem cell cream seems to be the most commonly chosen method for now because their cells seem to last the longest, enabling more cells to be reproduced over a longer period of time. In addition to preventing wrinkles and other signs of aging, plant stem cell creams can also prevent cells from dying due to excess UV light exposure, soothe painful skin conditions such as acne or rosacea, and can help skin heal quicker from injuries or burns than the human skin cells could do on their own. It also prevents the loss of collagen in the skin which can cause wrinkles and reduces the visibility of capillaries on the skins surface.

Stem Cell Therapy Cream Reviews

Botanical stem cell products are available almost anywhere, but it can be hard to determine what the best stem cell creams and treatments available are. Following are reviews of some of the major stem cell wrinkle cream options available:


Phytocelltec Malus Domestica uses the apple from Switzerland that was earlier mentioned as its main active ingredient. These apple stem cells are intended to enhance the life of human skin cells as well as hair follicles. It is used as an anti-aging cream and can help rejuvenate skin that has already been damaged due to overexposure to sunlight, burns and injuries, or simply aging. User reviews from several sites claim that people love this product and that it truly does work to make skin look young and healthy and hair appear beautiful, thick, and full of volume again.


Stemcellin is a beauty product that contains several active ingredients as well as 5% of the phytocelltec agent that makes it the most effective. There are no chemicals contained in this product; however, it should still be taken into account that some people may be allergic to some of the ingredients found in this cream. There is also no animal testing conducted for this product. The cream should be applied to the face twice a day, but make sure not to use too much of the product. Four drops is recommended because the cream is highly concentrated and any excess can irritate skin. Stem cell therapy cream reviews of this product indicate it makes a dramatic difference. One woman tested the product for four weeks to get rid of severe crows feet and found that after the four weeks the crows feet were almost invisible. In addition to crows feet, stemcellin works great for laugh lines, circles under the eyes, and deep wrinkles around the eyes and forehead.


Stem cell therapy by BioLogic claims to increase skin cells, collagen, and elastin production, but reviews seem to find that the results are not as good as the studies report they are. Users have also had several complaints about this products customer service accessibility and that the return and refund policy are not accurate. The overall consensus seems to be that this product does not come close to what it claims it can do for a persons skin and may not be worth the money to try. Biologic stem cell therapy uses the research and success of other products to create clout for its own product; however, something about this product seems to render it ineffective for most consumers that have tried it.

Stem Cell Vitamins

Because of research and progress on plant stem cells and its usefulness as a beauty product, stem cell vitamins are available as well. These supplements are available online from many websites, but always use caution when buying products such as these and conduct research on the quality and legitimacy of the company. In addition, it is safer to choose vitamins that have been FDA approved. These vitamins claim to enhance the amount of human cells that are produced by using the same science as the creams: plant cells. In addition to using stem cell supplements, certain other products can enhance the effectiveness of stem cell treatments. Vitamin C supplements, for example, have been shown to boost the effects of stem cell creams.

Plant Stem Cell Treatments: The Present and Future

Plant stem cell treatments are available as creams, serums, and vitamins. While they are currently mostly used as a beauty product to reduce wrinkles and reverse aging of the skin, there is a bright future as science continues to discover other ways plant stem cells may help the human body. As of now, plant stem cell treatments are also used to improve entire body skin health and can help relieve certain skin ailments, can relieve and heal burns, can improve hair growth and health, and can also promote eyelash growth without the side effects of other growth formulas. Plant stem cell cream reviews have revealed that many of these products really do work and science has proven that benefits can extend far beyond that of just being one of the best anti aging skin care solutions known today.

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