The Best Mineral Makeup Reviews

Mineral powders, concealers and cleansers are considered the healthiest choice for natural looking skin. Made of organic minerals and free of artificial dyes, harmful chemicals and preservatives, the best mineral makeup is now offered by popular cosmetics manufacturers such as Neutrogena, Bare Escentuals, Youngblood, Loreal and Afterglow, in a wide variety of colors. But all powders are not created equal, nor is every face and neither is every type considered a pure mineral makeup by many. To sift through the best of the best, here are some facts and features to consider.

Neutrogena is a household name which has always had the word natural associated with it. Three popular items in their mineral makeup line include their compact powder called ‘Neutrogena Mineral Sheers,’ a concealer kit by the same moniker and ‘Skin Clearing’ powder. The compact powder is made to gently nourish skin with antioxidants that are time released. Both the powder and the concealer cover skin with an SPF of 20, are free of oils and fragrance and are both non comedogenic makeup products.

Like many mineral makeup brands, Neutrogena is known for blending into the skin with ease and does not look caked on when applied in layers. Concealer covers and protects skin from the sun, while the translucent powder creates the look of flawless skin.

Bare Escentuals makeup reviews express a high level of customer satisfaction, and help explain their popularity. This is a natural makeup brand that is not only excellent for everyday use, but special needs populations such as recovering surgery patients or those who have had recent dermatologic procedures performed. The company’s gentle mineral concealer is comparable to Neutrogena and other brands in this category. It covers skin with protection of SPF 20, and is safe to use for concealing all manner of skin blemishes.

Bare Escentuals mineral makeup concealer is also recommend by the company for use as a light foundation for eye shadow or to cover bags under tired eyes. Like other mineral makeup manufacturers, their products are a chemical and oil free makeup line. Regular users of this brand give its concealer high marks. However, B.E. ‘s lightest shades may be too dark for very fair skin. For best results, test it at the counter first and remember-proper application is essential to get the desired effect.

Another up and coming star in this industry is Afterglow who offer a new twist on natural mineral makeup. The average Afterglow cosmetics review is mixed. Some found the foundation which is free of paraben, gluten and fragrance to be promising, but were disappointed to find it did not live up to the hype, irritated their skin, or did not last as long as they needed. Reviewers rated Afterglow with consistent and positive numbers when it came to blending well and being gentle on acne prone skin, however. Perhaps the best way to test the foundation is on an individual basis.

Afterglow offers something a little different for creating flawless skin in the way of their Organic Aloe concealer. This liquid concealing product is praised for its effectiveness at covering up problem spots and helping hide circles under the eyes. It does have a few ingredients that are listed as potential health concerns, but they are only listed for legal reasons. Users give the product good reviews for overall effectiveness.

Both Bare Escentuals and Afterglow are priced higher than Neutrogena, about twice as much for either liquid or powdered mineral concealing products. The Afterglow liquid aloe offers three shades and like the others is made with only natural ingredients; Bare Escentuals offers only a couple more; and unlike Neutrogena, neither one is available at the local drug store. So Neutrogena is convenient and offers a diverse product line at a reasonable price.

It is hard to mention natural cosmetics without mentioning Loreal and Youngblood. Youngblood mineral makeup is only 15 years old, but has stayed true to its mission to create high quality mineral cosmetics and let their reputation grow their business. The flagship product, YB foundation is available as a full coverage or translucent foundation and like any mineral cosmetic, is free of oils, alcohol and other harmful ingredients. The price is comparable to other boutique brands, and reviews are generally positive.

The YB brand has loose, liquid and pressed mineral foundations, so it helps to know what works best for your skin. Youngblood is a good choice for women who have a hard time finding the right color for their skin, and it has a nifty one touch distribution container; no more messes! Available colors include barely beige, honey, ivory, toffee, mahogany and coffee, to name a few. Keep in mind that Youngblood foundation is concentrated, a little is all that is needed.

As one of the oldest manufacturers of cosmetics, loreal mineral makeup reviews are easy to find. Their product line is extensive, but two of their products stand out; the Bare Naturale foundation, which is a mineral powder, and the Loreal Paris True Match. The Bare Naturale is an easy to apply, light and silky powder. It is non comedogenic and has a matte finish. It goes on smoothly, feels light, and covers well. Searching for the right shade may be difficult, but the low prices are worth it. Loreal is widely available and much less expensive than Youngblood, Bare Escentuals or Afterglow.

When it comes to a woman’s skin, there is no one brand of mineral cosmetics which works best. Each woman’s skin is unique, so it may take several tries before a perfect match is found. Sample the best mineral makeup brands, even if they are out of the budget, but don’t be afraid to try something off the shelf of the local drugstore either.

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