Non Comedogenic | Mineral Makeup Comparisons

Contrary to popular belief, ‘bad skin’ makeup is by no means created equal. In recent times, entire skin care lines have even evolved that offer special TLC for troubled skin. Despite many commonalities, ‘non comodegenic’, ‘hypoallergenic’, and ‘non acnegenic’ are far from fungible cosmetic concepts. Interchangeable usage of the three terms is quite common – […]

Stem cell beauty products are one of the newest types of skin care solutions to hit the shelves, and users are revealing how well plant stem cells can really work for moisturizing, curing blemishes, and reducing wrinkles. But before buying this product, many people want to understand what, if anything, makes it any better than […]

Mineral powders, concealers and cleansers are considered the healthiest choice for natural looking skin. Made of organic minerals and free of artificial dyes, harmful chemicals and preservatives, the best mineral makeup is now offered by popular cosmetics manufacturers such as Neutrogena, Bare Escentuals, Youngblood, Loreal and Afterglow, in a wide variety of colors. But all […]