Meaningful Beauty Cindy Crawford Skin Care Review

The Cindy Crawford skin care regimen known as Meaningful Beauty is one of the nation’s latest in skin care products and was created over a decade ago by French skin care expert Doctor Jean-Louise Sebagh. This line of products is said to have been inspired by Cindy Crawford, and its introduction to the market is a joint effort of both individuals. Because of testing regulations, the line was not launched for several years after the finished product was developed, but since its introduction to the public through television and Internet marketing venues, it has enjoyed immense success.

However, as many people are already aware, when the manufacturer of a wrinkle cream or antiaging product uses a celebrity’s name in the brand name of the product, or for its endorsement, it is typically due to the fact that the product being marketed is not highly effective. Marketing ploys that involve the use of a celebrity’s name are often an attempt to sway the public’s opinion and encourage people to try the product. This is why celebrities who endorse beauty products are frequently those who are already well known for their beauty before they ever used the product that they are endorsing. Cindy Crawford was obviously born with a generous amount of natural beauty and has denied ever having even minor procedures such as Botox. Therefore, it is difficult to simply base one’s opinion on her appearance, as she was quite beautiful long before using this Anti Aging System. So how does one determine if a product works when he or she is not convinced simply on the basis of a celebrity’s endorsement?

Personal Research

While the only tried and true way to discover if a product is effective is to actually try it and observe the results, many individuals prefer to find at least some tangible evidence that they will not be wasting their money on a new product. Researching a product’s claims through customer reviews, as well as examining its effective ingredients, is one way a person can potentially avoid wasting money on a fad that has little true benefit. Certain skin care product ingredients have been scientifically proven effective, while others have not, and therefore, the first step is to consider the ingredients in the Meaningful Beauty Skin Care products.

Meaningful Beauty Ingredients

Cindy Crawford Skin Care Products

As previously mentioned, Meaningful Beauty is a formula developed by Doctor Jean-Louis Sebagh; whose personal belief is that certain melons contain properties that defend human skin against the collagen breakdown that takes place as individuals’ age. Meaningful Beauty describes this ingredient as “a rare French melon” and claims that this particular variety of melon stays firm and fresh much longer than other kinds of melons. This melon contains a potent antioxidant called superoxide dismutase, which initial research suggest prevents the formation of certain species of free radicals. It also contains Coenzyme Q10, which most researchers and skin care specialists agree is effective in preventing the formation of fine wrinkles, as well as the breakdown of collagen.

Cindy Crawford Skin Care Reviews by Consumers

While there are a large number of customer reviews on the Internet and in magazines concerning the effects of the Meaningful Beauty Cindy Crawford product line, few state that the results were exactly what was expected or promised. Most individuals had both positive and negative statements to make about the product’s performance, and therefore, it is probably wise for anyone who is wondering about the benefits of Meaningful Beauty to weigh the pros and cons and then decide if he or she feels that the system is worth a try.

Advantages Using Cindy Crawford Skin Care Products

One benefit that almost all customers are pleased with is the reasonable price of the product. Meaningful Beauty Products are less expensive than many other similar options, especially other products that are also endorsed by celebrities. Another positive statement frequently made in customer reviews concerns the non comedogenic and non pore clogging nature of the product.

Many customers stated in their reviews that they experienced better skin hydration when using the product and that their skin felt softer and more nourished than it did prior to using the system.

The antioxidant properties in the Meaningful Beauty Skin Care line are also a benefit, as most individuals try to purchase a wrinkle cream that contains at least one antioxidant ingredient. In addition, the products are easily available both online and through a toll free number.

Ordering the Cindy Crawford skin care products is not difficult and customers receive six products in all, which include a neck cream, masque, eye cream, night fluid, moisturizer and cleanser. These products will typically last 90 days, which is a bit longer than many popular skin care systems, and therefore, many customers find this beneficial. If one orders online, his or her price will be locked in, and will not increase as long as the person agrees to an automatic shipment every 90 days that will be billed to the credit card of his or her choice.

Individuals trying the product for the first time also receive two free gifts with their first order. Additionally, the system comes with a 60 day money back guarantee that is unconditional. This is an excellent advantage for those who are skeptical regarding new products.

Disadvantages of Meaningful Beauty Skin Care Products

One of the primary disadvantages of the Meaningful Beauty Skin Care System is that very little detailed information on the formula is available. There is also a need for more research to validate claims made in the product’s advertising campaigns. Evidence is inconclusive regarding how much difference the French melon antioxidant will actually make in wrinkles and fine lines in one’s skin. In addition, the melon, which is referred to as “rare” in many ads for the Meaningful Beauty Anti Aging System is actually a charentais cantaloupe, and although widely grown in the south of France, the melon is not extremely rare and will grow in any region that features a long summer.

The additional ingredients in the product are also found in most other skin care regimens, meaning that if the statements made concerning the melon extract are not accurate, or are a bit exaggerated, this product is no different from the vast array of skin care products that have been on the market for many years. Another intriguing observation is the fact that the Charente’s cantaloupe extract is not listed in the product’s active ingredients, which obviously leads to some natural skepticism about the manufacturer’s claims, as this ingredient is touted as the primary source of the product’s effectiveness.

Some customer reviews also state that at the end of the first ninety days, individuals saw no difference in the depth or length of fine lines and wrinkles, and no change in age spots or discolorations on the surface of their skin. Many people expect miracles from antiwrinkle products, which is not realistic. However, on the other hand, one should be able to see at least some difference after 60-90 days of use if a product is truly effective.

The final disadvantage is the somewhat controversial auto ship method used for their customers. This shipping method has become popular over the last few years; however, many consumer protection professionals warn against it, stating that if a product truly offers the extraordinary results promised by its manufacturer, people will reorder on their own and should not Meaningful Beauty Cindy Crawfordhave to make a long-term commitment ahead of time. When one signs up for pr-authorized autoshipments, he or she will be billed repeatedly every 90 days for a new supply of the product. Of course, one has the option to cancel the autoshipment when he or she chooses, but anyone who has ever gotten involved with this type of shipping plan would probably agree that canceling the plan is sometimes easier said than done. With this in mind, one may wish to avoid this billing option.

While customer reviews and the examining of active ingredients can be helpful to those who are making a decision about a specific product, the only way to discover its true effectiveness is to try the product and observe the results, or to wait until research is completed which will offer definitive proof either for or against the manufacturer’s claims.

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1 ePeterson March 1, 2012 at 09:38

This is the the best wrinkle cream on the market.

2 Jen April 16, 2012 at 06:15

Has anyone used this for treatment of acne? My daughter is 15 and started using this product. It seems to have really helped her. We have tried Pro Active and it did noting but make it worse. It doesn’t really state that it is for acne. If there something else out there in her line for acne specifically?

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