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Airbrush Makeup Reviews Part 2

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Airbrush Makeup Pros

Smooth coverage: As mentioned above, the fine mist from airbrushing can create smooth, flawless coverage, and in record time. A skilled practitioner may only need two to three minutes to apply airbrush foundation. After the spray foundation, it takes only minutes more to fix the final look.
Fixed: Airbrushing makeup onto skin creates a long-lasting look. In most cases, the skin will stay fixed for at least 24 hours, assuming it stays dry. Unlike the best liquid and powder foundations, it will not look dry, caked or cracked as the day wears on, either.
Sterility: Using an airbrush makeup machine eliminates the need for sponges, cotton balls and other applicators. This means no collection and distribution of germs and bacteria, a nice benefit.

Natural Mineral Cosmetics

In general, these are made from organic materials crushed into fine powders. Various oxidizing methods produce different colors. The engineering behind these products creates natural, non comedogenic makeup, which is good for every user and great for those with sensitive skin.
Mineral cosmetic companies often sell primers along with powder concealer and foundation. This allows for smooth coverage that lasts throughout the day.

Mineral Makeup Pros

The all natural ingredients used to make these cosmetics are good for the environment and probably the best option for women with acne or other chronic skin conditions, or for those recovering from aesthetic procedures.

Mineral Makeup Cons

Cost is one disadvantage to using all organic makeup. Compared to mass produced products available in any CVS or Walgreens, most organic cosmetics products are double or triple the price. Another consideration is the reflective properties of the minerals themselves. This makeup can create undesired effects that will ruin a photo shoot.

Be Camera Ready With Airbrush Makeup

Camera friendly airbrushed cosmetics are the perfect choice for special occasions, long days and certainly for professional models. As expected, there are a plethora of choices when it comes to choosing an airbrush makeup system. Among them are Dinair, Kryolan, Luminess and Temptu.

Airbrush Spray Foundation Kits you Must Have

Kryolan Makeup

Kryolan is a decades old company who specializes in producing the tools used by face and body makeup artists. They sponsor international competitions and they make a wide range of equipment; over 16,000 items in over 750 different shades. They are widely available across the globe.
The kryolan makeup line includes the Badger vega 2000 airbrush set, which is a professional grade product. This Badger airbrush has two sizes of needles and comes with the jars and hose connection for the air compressor. Kryolan recommends their Aquaproof micronized makeup for the vega 2000 Badger airbrush. It is made in an alcohol medium, and is waterproof.
Alternatively, they offer the ‘Air Stream’ line, which is a water-based product. This color line requires less pressure to spray and can be removed with Kryolan’s ‘AquaCleans’. Both products are smudge and smear proof.

Luminess Air Reviews, The Verdict?

The luminess airbrush makeup line has been praised by everyone from Tyra Banks to Marie Claire magazine. They make excellent products according to multiple luminess air reviews, but their focus is on getting this technique into the lives of everyday users. The Luminess cosmetics do not cake up, will provide even matte coverage and a naturally enhanced look that feels weightless. As their ads say, the best airbrush foundation should be as easy as 1,2,3

  1. Pour a few drops of makeup into the bottle.
  2. Press the button.
  3. Apply to your skin.

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