Lauren Hutton Makeup Reviews: Face Disc & Aqua Elements

Lauren Hutton Makeup: The Products, Ingredients And The Consumer Reviews

Lauren Hutton has aged more gracefully than most people ever will. Still looking beautiful at over 60 years of age, she wants to share the secrets of her beauty with the world. Her new non comedogenic makeup line offers natural matte formulas for aging skin. The idea is to nourish the skin and make it look healthy without overdoing it. So far her new line is a hit, and there are many Lauren Hutton makeup reviews raving about the brand.

Lauren Hutton Makeup Ingredients

Malachite: This is listed as a copper carbonate mineral, traditionally smelted into jewelry, the powder is supposed to promote thicker skin elasticity and allow deeper moisturizing to take place; a valid concern for any one, but especially important as we age.

The Lauren Hutton mineral makeup line uses non comedogenic ingredients with few exceptions. Some of these ingredients are:

Hematite: This is another mineral found in the ingredients list. It is supposed to encourage collagen production, which helps eliminate lines and wrinkles while nourishing the skin with a big shot of Vitamin C. Whether or not it adds vitamins to the skin is uncertain. What is known is that this close cousin to the iron mineral has been used for thousands of years as an aid in ‘alternative’ medicine.

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There is also an element called Smithsonite listed, which also promotes protection against environmental damage while promoting collagen production, thicker, more supple skin, etc, etc. There is more, but what we really want to know is, when it all comes together, does it really work? Here is what the Lauren Hutton Makeup Disc reviews and aqua elements reviews had to say about Lauren Hutton Cosmetics.

The Lauren Hutton Ocean Face Disc Collectionlauren hutton face disc

This popular set offers a palette, or in this case a disc, full of colors inspired by the ocean; coral pink, blue, green and so on. The look is subtle, not designed for stage or glamor. Each set contains the ocean color collection, lip liner, mascara, a sheer bronzing blush, cosmetics bag and instructional DVD. Reviewers love the DVD and the fold-out instructional booklet. The tips are useful and invaluable in learning how to apply the colors.

Users love how easy this makeup is to apply, and the value for the price is outstanding. A little goes a long way, but when the pots in the disc run out, you can purchase refills. Watch the instructional DVD for best results. People who followed Lauren’s tips said the sheer concealer blended in perfectly to their skin.

While most Lauren Hutton skin care reviews talk about the subtle enhancements this line provides, a few felt it was too subtle. For those with difficult to hide blemishes or patchy skin, choose your shade with care. The Ocean Lauren Hutton face Disc comes in pink, yellow and olive bases. Fans prefer this product because it is full of natural ingredients, offers convenient all-in-one packaging, includes excellent instructions and was not tested on animals. If there are any cons to this package, they are the following:

  • Contains parabens and propylene glycol. There are reports that parabens should be avoided because of possible links to breast cancer. Excessive exposure to propylene glycol can cause all kinds of health problems. However, these high levels are not found in a small pot of makeup.
  • If you do not follow the color mixing instructions, the broad color palette may be confusing.

Other than this, it looks as though the open disc collections have found a permanent fan base already. They are sure to set the standard for future product releases in the industry.

Lauren Hutton Aqua Elements Makeup

The Aqua Elements Makeup package is a unique concept in hypo-allergenic cosmetics. The aqua elements reviews all mention how light it is and how healthy the skin feels when you wear it. Lauren’s website claims that it is the perfect companion to aging skin, containing no pearlescent or metallic elements that can settle into wrinkles and lines and make you look older.

The claim: Provides subtle coverage, goes on matte, feels like it isn’t there and moisturizes and softens skin. The reviews? Once again, the Lauren Hutton cosmetics reviews are ecstatic about this line.

Aqua Elements Starter Kit

For starters, the Aqua Elements seven piece starter set gives excellent value. It contains Base Elements, Color Elements, brushes for each products, lip tint and an instructional pamphlet. The Base is a foundation of natural minerals that stays matte without touch-ups. Like all aqua elements products, it is infused with microscopic moisture bubbles that burst when warmed, moisturizing and refreshing the skin.
This set offers 40 percent more base in a ‘no-mess’ twist top container, and has a bonus of two shades of spot and sheer concealer to try out.

Color Elements

The Color Elements is an all-over color powder, with the added bonus of samples of ‘Pooch and Nose,’ Contour Shadow and Wet/Dry Eyeliner. Users feel that the Aqua product is exquisite and lives up to its promise of feeling ‘weightless’ on the skin. Reviewers agree it gives the skin a natural, renewed look. In addition, the included concealers are flexible and allow you to change your color as the weather and/or your skin changes. Users love aqua elements for its subtle enhancements to their skin. As one user said, “your face looks clearer and more defined, while providing sheer matte coverage where you need it.”

Matching Lauren Hutton Cosmetics To Your Skin Tone

As with any makeup brand, choosing the right color and proper application are the keys to looking your best. To choose the correct shades, know what group your skin tone falls into. Each of Lauren Huttons products are offered in pink, yellow, olive and brown tones.

The pink shade is for very light skin which is prone to burning in the sun. This is usually the right color for those with porcelain undertones.

Yellow is suitable for Caucasians with beige or yellow tones in their skin. This is also a good shade for light or mixed Asians.

Medium olive works well for light brown skin, such as people of Latino or Mediterranean heritage. It is also a good choice for lighter-skinned African-Americans.

Brown is perfect for African Americans, Indians, or others with darker complexions. The perfect choice of makeup for black skin.

For a subtle, healthy look to enhance your natural beauty, the reviews speak for themselves. This is one of the best skin care brands on the market, and perhaps the easiest to use, as well. The value and quality of the Lauren Hutton makeup lines are an incredible bargain, priced at or below similar competitors.

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