Loreal Mineral Makeup, Looks Great, Easy To Find, Affordable

Mineral makeup has become a popular item for women over the past decade. Many find that this is the best option for irritated skin due to its gentle natural ingredients. Those with rosacea, sensitive skin, and those who experience breakouts from liquid base might find these formulations more appealing. Many who dislike the heavy feel of liquid foundations also enjoy this type of cosmetic. A lot of the original mineral brands are sold via Internet or by catalog and shopping channels, so it might be challenging for some people to find these products. Loreal produces the Bare Naturale line that can be found in any drug store or mass-market retailer like Target or Wal-Mart. There are many Loreal mineral makeup reviews to read online, so one can gain some insight before going to the store.

Loreal mineral foundation is a powder formula that comes in a range of eight skin shades with either warm, cool, or neutral undertones. The colors can be mixed if necessary to get a proper match. The formula provides protection from the sun with an SPF 19 rating. The coverage is sheer to medium, and one can build it to ones taste with layers, adding more where desired. There is also a Loreal mineral concealer available if layering does not provide enough cover for blemishes or uneven skin tone and discolorations. There is a Loreal mineral powder that is used to finish or set the base. This is called a mineral veil and it is a sheer, translucent powder that provides a smooth finishing touch. It has a slight sheen to make imperfections less noticeable, and it can be used for touch-ups throughout the day as well. Blush and bronzer powders are also available from this line to add a little more color to ones complexion.

Bare Naturale promises not to cause drying or acne and is less irritating to the skin. There are no perfumes, oil, or any unnatural substances in this formula. There are additives that the company uses to prevent the makeup from drying out the skin. These are moisturizers like aloe and vitamin E. For this reason, it is argued that the line is not a pure mineral cosmetic. Women with dry or combination skin may find it more suitable than other lines that only contain minerals.

Application technique is very important when using powder foundations like these. One should use a soft brush to apply them. Those who are used to applying finishing powder might be surprised that mineral foundation is not dusted on the face in the same manner. The brush is swirled into the foundation, and then any excess is tapped off the hairs. The makeup is then buffed over the skin in a circular motion. Using too much of the cosmetic at once can result in a caked, uneven appearance. The key to proper mineral application is to build coverage through thin layers rather than trying to blend a heavy layer in one shot.

There are many positive features for this line. First of all, Loreal Bare Naturale is very gentle to the skin.  The lightness of the formula makes it easy to wear and feels like no makeup at all. This is fantastic for those who need light to medium coverage. Women who use acne products will find that it will not cake over areas treated with topical medications or “ball up” like liquid makeup. Women who get occasional or incidental sun exposure will be pleased that it provides some sun protection. This is a perfect base for summertime since it can control shine and is extremely lightweight and breathable. The packaging makes it easy to carry around when traveling. The jar screws shut so the top will not open up and allow the contents to spill everywhere. The lid of the jar has a convenient brush for application, and there is another dome lid that covers the brush to keep it clean. While the jars only contain one ounce of product, they are reasonably priced. There is still enough to last several months depending on how much the individual uses per application. With the smaller amount, one can try out the product without having a huge amount of excess if it does not work out for her.

Loreal mineral foundation may not be great for everyone, of course. Some women need more coverage for blemishes and skin conditions like melasma, hyper-pigmentation, and scarring. Ladies with these issues usually need full coverage makeup, which usually comes in cream or liquid forms. Those with extremely dry skin and wrinkles may also need a different texture for the base, as powders accentuate these problems. There is always a slim chance of allergic reaction to any ingredients whether they are natural or synthetic. Everyone’s experience with cosmetics is different, so one should evaluate her skin condition and skin type when choosing any makeup. This is where online reviews can be helpful.

Loreal mineral makeup reviews are generally favorable, but there are those who do not like it or cannot use the cosmetic for various reasons. The problem with many reviews is that the writer may have completely different needs and expectations of the product than the reader. Sometimes a person just needs to try something new to see if it works for her. It is a good thing that the Bare Natural line is easy to find and very affordable.

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