OCC Cosmetics – Both the US and UK Offering Versatile Value

OCC Cosmetics, One of the Best Vegan Makeup Brands Around Today

Many modern women of distinction depend on OCC cosmetics (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics) to keep their faces – and finances looking great each day. This fascinating choice of vegan makeup brands offer something to suit every preference, sensibility, or complexion. Vast diversity is just one attribute of this fabulous cosmetics line, however.

Many Faces of OCC Makeup

Everyone knows that there is no such thing as two people with exactly the same skin tone. Even identical siblings’ complexions diverge as environmental exposure and other external factors emerge with time. Individual ladies’ skin textures likewise vary tremendously.

OCC cosmetics products accommodate such differences with a wide variety of makeup mixtures. Whether a woman’s skin is bone dry or oily slick, OCC vegan cosmetics are sure to contain her perfect skin care solution. Indeed, many customers with chronic skin disorders may find that all-natural, non-allergenic OCC formulas can clear up such problems quite promptly.

OCC Makeup Offers Major Value

Unlike its competitors, OCC makeup does not cost customers a fortune. Firm founder David Klasfeld pays more than mere lip service to establishing and maintaining a loyal customer base built up long-term relationships. A low product price is the foundation upon which David’s personal empire rests.

Enormous product variety enables this vast economy. Rather than charge exorbitant amounts for one or a handful of cosmetic options, the company makes many cosmetic products to entice and earn consumers’ patronage. Additional volume discounts for orders above a certain volume is another Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics advantage.

Watch out for OCC Lip Tar Swatches

OCC Lip Tar is true liquid lipstick at its finest! This line of patented lip color products combines satin lipstick comfort and longevity with the easy application and low cost of ordinary lip gloss. Wearers never need endure endless trips to the restroom for time-consuming touch-ups. Nor must women concern themselves with cracked lips due to skin dryness that other cosmetics cause. OCC Lip Tars’ high content of plant-based emollients makes it all possible.

Multiple Purposes of OCC Make Up

OCC cosmetics’ exceptionally easy application and heavy pigmentation levels lets ladies put Lip Tars to multiple uses. In addition to making mouths look and feel great, OCC’s lip tars may be used as all-over body paints or facial blushes when well-applied to pre-moisturized skin.

A Colorful OCC Lip Tar Swatch Selection

OCC cosmetics introduced six new hues last fall. This novel lineup includes labels like Trick, Trollop, Harlot,Stalker,Strumpet, and Strutter. Don’t let these obscene-sounding names fool you, ladies. Their common dominant undertone is a subdued red.

Other than pungent peppermint scent that lasts a little while, consumer OCC lip tar reviews are overwhelmingly positive. A per-tube price of $12.50 USD is not at all frightening.

OCC Airbrush Makeup Advantages

Airbrush makeup kits have experienced a recent resurgence despite long-standing popularity among conscientious ladies. This new limelight is due largely to digital media evolutions like Hi-Def TV and digital pictures. The immensely enhanced precision and subtlety this format offers professional studio artists is now available to the average consumer.

In contrast to conventional sponges and brushes that leave behind telltale marks and obvious streaks and lines, OCC airbrush foundation application leaves no trace of Mother Nature’s “helping hand.” This method leaves behind far less mess while putting a much lighter burden on women’s wallets. The OCC airbrush affords even coverage with much less product wastage.

OCC New York Grand Opening

OCC cosmetics have been available only to licensed professionals who attend industry events – until now. The firm recently took the lead to introduce its innovative aesthetic solutions to all American ladies by opening a flagship retail outlet on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. This new OCC outlet features a full array of pre-formulated hues and a mixing bar that allows pesky patrons to customize cosmetic colors or reproduce discontinued shades.

OCC NY is now open for business at 174 Ludlow St. (The address lies between Stanton and Houston Streets in Manhattan). For further details about the empire state’s new flagship store at http://www.facebook.com/occmakeup.

OCC UK on the Map

Geography no longer limits looks-conscious ladies’ ambitions. Love Make Up OCC lip tar UK is among British ladies’ most popular cosmetic product lines. OCC UK has earned its justifiably high overseas reputation just as it has within domestic markets: with reliability, quality, outstanding customer service, and product consistency from this cruelty free makeup brand. Being an officially recognized British business enterprise certainly does not hurt the cause of OCC UK one whit.

You are Never Alone with OCC Cruelty Free Makeup

Easy access to in-depth product descriptions and their proper applications is one of the best benefits of buying OCC cosmetics. The firm’s virtual platform features a plethora of illustrative content to promote correct usage of their vegan beauty products, not to mention a full line of vegan makeup brushes. These practical utilities are just another way that Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics exhibits utmost care and concern for its customers. Although often imitated, highly-concentrated high-quality OCC makeup can never be duplicated!

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